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2019 spring show

Our Spring Show was SO MUCH FUN! We hope everyone enjoyed the show! We'd love to give a special shout out to everyone who helped us! We can't wait for next year - it won't be one to miss!

Thank you for joining us!

We’d also like to give a few shouts outs to the peeps behind the scenes, who worked tirelessly to make sure everyone had a super fun time!

Choreography: Coaches Sam & Caroline came up with Beginner and Up routines, and Amanda & Anna helped coach the routines throughout the last couple of week! Coach Heather did an amazing job with our ‘Preschool’ classes (Super Stars & below) & the Boys routines. Coach Jade came up with the phenomenal Team routine! All the routines were SO much fun to watch!!

Fabulous MC: Coach Megan, who graduated last year but is back for the summer, was so much fun to have on the mic announcing all the routines! We forgive you for mispronouncing the ‘Bee Gees’ the first time 🤪 seriously, thank you Meagan!

Gymnast Wranglers: Coaches Anna & Amanda did a fantastic job keeping the gymnasts entertained and getting them to their positions on time! Part of our Laketown Tumblers also helped gymnasts find their way to the dance room, which was a huge help so families could find their seats! It was a flawless system ladies!

Lights: controlling the lights was Coach Grace, who did a great job keeping us focused on the routines!

Floral Arrangements: one of my favorite additions this year was having Tiffany with @florals_at_tiffanys come and have amazing arrangements for parents & grandparents to give to the gymnasts for a job well done. We were so happy to have you, and we will definitely have you back!

Set Up & Tear Down: Coaches Tammie, Heather, Nick, Jessie & Jade worked with a wonderful group of parent volunteers to set the tone for our rockin’ Spring Show! Both set up and tear down were done in record time, which we were all thankful for 😉

Thank you to everyone who helped with our Spring Show this year! Stay tuned for highlights of this years show, and keep an eye out for next years show.. We promise it won’t be one you’ll want to miss out on!

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