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Upcoming Fundraisers

Every dollar raised in a fundraiser contributes to our ability to provide scholarships, maintain our facility and equipment and invest in our coaches! Our fundraisers are meant to bring the FUN to fundraising, and offers an excellent opportunity to be a part. of something greater and leave a lasting legacy of support and success.

begins 7.14.           Orders due by 8.9.

Name Your Block. Build Our Future!

We've ordered ALL new foam blocks for our foam pit, and offering everyone a unique way to get involved! Be a part of our Name Your Block. Build Our Future fundraiser and leave your mark on our community! Donate to our cause, and we'll inscribe your name on a foam block, which will be proudly displayed in our growing 'pit' of supporters. Each block represents a valuable contribution. Your donation will not only make a tangible difference but also show your support in a creative and lasting way. Join us in building a brighter future, one foam block at a time!


Money raised during this fundraiser will first go to offset the cost of replacing all of the foam blocks + covering them, and any additional money raised will help us make necessary repairs to our parking lot and sidewalks! Click below to Name Your Block!

august 1st

offering beautiful and hardy fall mums

More information coming soon!


Check back for more coming soon!

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