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Preschool Classes

The main focus for our preschool levels is to give a good basic understanding of body movements, skills & the equipment used all throughout gymnastics. The progression for these classes is based on age up until 4/5 years old. From here they may move into our Hot Shot or Super Star level based off of skill assessment & focus level.

Parent Tots

18 months - 2 years​

Starting at 18 months, this is the first class we offer for our little athletes. This is a coach led class for children to become familiar with the equipment while improving their motor skills, all while their parents/ guardians are along for the fun!
{boys & girls}

Mighty Mites

4 year olds

A continuation of our Tumbling Tot class, this class continues to build strength, coordination, flexibility & focus in your little athlete while building confidence with all equipment in the gym.
{boys & girls}

Tumbling Tots

3 year olds

Our goal for this class is to give little athletes a strong basic understanding of body positions and skills used in gymnastics, while getting to know all of the equipment in the gym! This is the first class without a parent/ guardian coming along!​
{boys & girls}


5 year olds

Another continuation of our Tumbling Tot & Mighty Mite class, this class emphasizes correct technique & working towards specific skills on their skills sheets - which will be used the rest of their time here at Laketown.
{boys & girls}

Hot shots

Coach Recommendation Only
(Under 6)

This class is typically the next level from Mighty Mites & Stars. Gymnasts in this level can perform a cartwheel, walk up the block, pullover on bars and the start of their lunge to handstand. They will continue to focus on form & technique while working on running cartwheels, lunge handstands, bridges, forward rolls to finish, pullovers & dive rolls

Super Stars

Coach Recommendation Only
(Under 6)

This class is perfect for gymnasts that can already perform the skills worked on in our Hot Shots level. They will continue to work on form while working on bridge kick-overs from the mat, handstand forward rolls, pullovers & back hip circles on the bars, cartwheels on low beam & the start of their handstand on vault.


Download the App

Download our new parent portal app - the easiest way to look up evaluations, book parties & sign up for camps, classes and open gyms! Use "laketowngym " as the Organization Name.

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