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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - General

Family & Multi-class discounts? Tell me more!
We offer a 15% discount on all classes after the first class. So if your child wants to take 2 classes or week, or if you have more than one child in our program you will receive a 15% discount on every class after that first full enrollment!

What should my child wear to class?
Preschool/ Recreational Classes: Anything they can comfortably move in! We suggest form fitting clothing, so when going upside down everything stays in place, which also makes it easier for our coaches to spot. They will be barefoot during class. Hair MUST be worn in a braid or ponytail so it stays out of their face during class (please have this done before class starts!). Girls do prefer to wear a leo (leotard) & athletic shorts but it is not mandatory. We do have a ProShop onsite with tons of different leo options!
Parkour Classes: Anything they can comfortably move in! They will need CLEAN tennis/ training shoes. Please plan on changing into shoes when you arrive for class if it is raining or snowing outside. They must be clean & dry!

EVERYONE: NO JEWELRY SHOULD BE WORN DURING CLASS OR OPEN GYM! Medical jewelry is an exception but please make sure it is secure before participating.

What is a "session"?
Our sessions are 7 weeks long*. This allows us to keep skills progressing, while not requiring a long commitment from busy families. Week 1 thru 4 are focused on those skills for each level. Week 5 is what we calling "testing week", which is where we evaluate where the skill level is at for each individual child. Week 6 you'll receive an evaluation letting you know what to skills to keep working on, which skills have been mastered & what to sign up for the next session! Week 6 is also sign up week. We open enrollment a week early for our CURRENTLY ENROLLED families, to allow then to have their choice of day & time. Week 7 is the last week of the session, and enrollment opens for everyone.
       *some sessions are 8 week sessions, depending on where they land in the year. 

What is "Testing Week"?
This is the week that we evaluate everyone to see where they are within their skills. This allows our coaches to see what class they should be in next session. Each class has a specific set of skills they are working on. You can see the skill charts by clicking here! We also have copies available at the Front Desk!

How will I know when it's time to enroll?
We will post the schedule online the week it opens for currently enrolled families (families who are currently taking classes). ONLINE ENROLLMENT WILL BEGIN THE LAST WEEK OF THE SESSION! You'll know when it's time to enroll by visiting our website & following us on Facebook, we also post notes all over the gym as reminders, and the evaluation reports are a great indicator that it is time to sign up!

We are new, how do I know what to sign my children up for?
If you are a new family wanting to join Laketown Gymnastics we are super excited to have you! We have a lot of classes to choose from and understand that it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what to sign up for. There are a lot of factors at play - depending on age and whether they've done gymnastics before. Click here to see our breakdown for ages 2, 3, 4 & 5. If they are 6 and older we ask that you schedule an evaluation with one of our coaches!

We missed a class! Can we schedule a make up?
Yes! Please call or stop by the front desk to schedule a make up! We do allow for unlimited make ups in a session - however they are based on availability. If there aren't any spots available in classes we will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee a makeup time will be available. Refunds or credits will not be given for missing a class.

We need to drop the remainder of this session. What do we do?
Please contact our front desk staff to talk about what your options are for dropping the rest of the session. You can also email and someone will be in touch.

Why is there a $25 Anniversary Fee?
As with any business, we have expenses! The $25 helps us pay for the upkeep and cleanliness of our facility, new equipment purchases & other things like the ponytails we keep in stock and free of charge for those of us who leave home without one and toilet paper (we go through SO MUCH!). We want to keep costs low for families & this helps us to do so.

Can I watch my child in class?
Of course! Many gyms have separate waiting areas for parents, where views are limited or non-existent! We are proud of our program and our gym and want to show it off! We do have a few things we ask from you: 

  • Do not compare your child to other children. We keep our class sizes small so coaches can individualize skill progressions when they need to, without singling anyone out.
  • Please do NOT interact with your child(ren) during class! Your child must be able to be in class as if the parent were not present at all.
  • Parents are not allowed on the floor, in doorways or in walkways. Please stand up against the wall or along our half-walls to watch

How do we keep up with current gym happenings?
One of the best ways is to follow us on Facebook! In the case of inclement weather we will post on Facebook & email families that would be effected by our closure due to weather (so if we have a snow storm on Monday, and you have class on Thursday you wouldn't receive the email, but the Monday families would). Another great way to keep up to date is by signing up for our Monthly Newsletter! That will highlight the month's upcoming events, dates we may be closed & so much more information about Laketown Gymnastics! You can sign up here.

FAQs - Birthday Parties & Group Events

How many kids are included in a birthday party?
If the Birthday Honoree is turning 5 or younger, the package would include 8 kids (Birthday Honoree + 7 of their friends. If the Birthday Honoree is turning 6 or older, the package would include 10 kids (Birthday Honoree + 9 of their friends)!

What if we will have more kids at the party than what is included?
No worries! We can have up to 20 kids in the party room - if you'll more than 20 than please email Kelsi at so we can make a note and plan accordingly. Each additional guest beyond the 8 or 10 included is $8!

What is included in the Party Package?
The parties all include either 8 or 10 guests (see above for explanation on that), ONE hour of coach led activities in the gym, one HALF hour in one of our painted Birthday Party rooms & one to two coaches! We do not provide the plates, silverware, table clothes, balloons, cupcakes, etc. that you may want, so please plan accordingly.

What are "coach led activities"?
The coaches will look at what age the party will be around & have games and an obstacle course in mind when the party begins! They also factor in time for some Tumble Track & Foam Pit time. They will do a combination of things to keep kids engaged & having fun. Kids will have a blast, even if they haven't had gymnastics experience before!

How is the time in the room spent?
That is up to you! After the hour of gym time is over, the coaches then lead the kids to the designated party room for their party. We typically see birthday parties do cake/ cupcakes & sometimes presents or fun little quick games in the rooms. Kids are not able to go back out on the floor after the hour of gym time is over!

How do I book a party?
The easiest way to book a party is by visiting our Parent Portal, where you can quickly see what days & times are available and pick what works best for you! There is a $50 + tax deposit required to save the day & time you'd like.

I need to contact someone about my party. Who should I contact?
Kelsi is our Birthday Party go-to guru. You can email her at or by calling the desk 952-368-3547.

Can I adjust my guest count?
Yes - you will get an email the Monday before your party asking to confirm how many you believe will be at the party. You will be charged the minimum guest count for the party packages. You can make adjustments for less at any time, but if you are adding to the total amount we ask that you let us know ASAP. We will need to make adjustments for larger parties!

When is the final payment due, and how do I pay?
You will be charged a $50 + tax deposit at the time of booking and the remaining balance ($110 + tax & any additional guests) will be due at the end of your party. Your coach will give you a sheet that will let you know how much is due. PLEASE NOTE: while tipping is not required, it is a nice gesture to let your coach(es) know how awesome they were during your party! Please kindly consider this but know that we cannot add gratuity onto a card payment. Our coaches can only accept cash gratuities. Thank you!

Do all guests need to have a waiver?
Yes! The coaches can check the day of to see if we have a current waiver on file for that child, otherwise they can fill one out before they arrive! Our current waiver can be found on the Birthday Party Page or at the front desk!