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Laketown Team Mission Statement

Our mission at Laketown Gymnastics is to provide a challenging, yet positive and nurturing gymnastics environment in which children learn the basic and advanced skills of gymnastics and related activities. Through high quality instruction, we strive to develop well-rounded athletes with improved confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, and responsibility.


Our Petite Elites after working hard.

Our Team Goals

  • Work with each team gymnast to set goals and provide the highest quality instruction and support needed to achieve those goals.​

  • Provide a safe environment that nurtures improvement for self and sport.

  • Develop skills for gymnastics such as improved fitness, strength and flexibility as well as an emphasis on skills for life, such as leadership, self-discipline, self-motivation, self-confidence, dedication and sportsmanship.​

  • Maintain open communication among gymnasts coaches.​

Competitive Options

There are two competitive options at Laketown Gymnastics, the Junior Olympic (JO) levels program and the Xcel program. Both options are governed by USA Gymnastics.

The traditional JO levels program is a progressive program that consists of compulsory levels 4/5 and optional levels 6 - 10.
The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad based, affordable competitive experience in gymnastics. The Xcel program consists of level Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

2023 - 2024

Team School Year Practice Schedule

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 1.21.17 PM.png

Meet Expectations


    Your gymnast should wear the competition leotard with warmup jacket and plain black pants to the meet. If your gymnast wears a bra, please make sure it matches their skin tone in case it accidentally can be seen by the judges. Gymnasts will be deducted a tenth at every event for a bra showing. They may wear plain black gymnastics shorts with their leo. If they choose not to wear shorts and wear underwear, please make sure they also match their skin tone as they can be deducted for that as well.

  2. HAIR

    Their hair should be neatly pulled back in a bun, ponytail or braided. A ponytail will work if their hair is short enough that the ponytail won’t be flopping in the way while they compete. If it isn’t short enough, you can either curl their hair in the pony to make it shorter, or you will need to choose a different hair style. Make sure to use hair spray or gel to prevent their hair from coming undone. You will also need to spray or gel back any “wispies”. 


    They should not be wearing nail polish. Judges can deduct for polish on their fingers or toenails at meets, so avoid this. 


    They cannot wear any jewelry while competing in gymnastics meets. Jewelry can be a safety risk. The only jewelry they can wear is stud earrings.


    Pack their gym bag the night before a meet so they are ready and prepared. Their gym bag should contain:

  • Flip Flops - to walk around the gym floor. Most girls like to just walk in their bare feet, which is fine too. 

  • Hairspray- for last minute hair fixes

  • Bobby Pins and extra hair ties– in case their hair comes undone and needs to be fixed

  • Water Bottle & Snack– Gymnastics meets can run several hours. Make sure snacks are not messy.

  • Something small and quiet to do while waiting (book, small drawing pad). There can be long wait times between events. 

  • Whatever cannot fit into the bag needs to be left with the parents. This usually applies to winter coats, boots and shoes.

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