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Recreational Classes

Whether you began in our preschool program, or are just starting your gymnastics journey, we have a level for gymnasts of any age or skill level! All levels require coach evaluation for placement. These classes are for gymnasts 6 years and older, and are co-ed.

beginner 1 & 2

For gymnasts just beginning their gymnastics journey, this level builds basic skills on vault, bars, beam & floor through proper progressions while increasing strength & flexibility, all while enhancing social skills through a fun and challenging curriculum!

beginner 3 & 4

This is the next level for those who can do a cartwheel, pullover and handstand. Gymnasts will begin working on their back hip circles, bridge kick-overs, running cartwheels, start of round-offs & their dive rolls on vault!

intermediate 1 & 2

After completing our Beginner classes, gymnasts will begin learning bridge kick-overs from the floor, backbend to kick-over, back extensions, sole circle dismounts, squat-ons on bars, handstand flat backs on vault and begin handstands and cartwheels on beam!

intermediate 3 & 4

While mastering the skills gymnasts began working in Intermediate 1 & 2, gymnasts will begin working on back-walkovers, front limbers, the start of their front handsprings, leaps & jumps on the beam, combining skills together & handsprings on vault!

advanced 1 & 2

After gymnasts have gained the skills worked on in Beginner + Intermediate classes, they will continue mastering those skills while beginning front walkovers, front + back handsprings on tramp; the start of their front tucks & aerials; their sole circle dismount from high bar, their front hip circle, start of kips, squat on pullovers & back hip circles on bars; the start of an aerial dismount on beam & mastering handsprings on vault!

advanced 3 & 4

Essentially a continuation of Advanced 1 & 2, gymnasts will continue working on mastering the skills learned up to this point, while working on higher level skills. There is a big push for connecting skills on both floor + beam. Gymnasts will also begin working on and mastering their handsprings on tumble-trak and floor, aerial cartwheels, front + back tuck dismounts on beam; handspring half on vault & round-off back-handsprings on floor.


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