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getting started

  1. Download The iClassPro App

  2. Once downloaded, open the app.
    A welcome screen will appear, and it’ll ask for the name of the organization. Enter ‘laketowngym' and you will see a login screen with our logo.

  3. Log in to your Laketown Gymnastics account.
    If you’ve attended classes, camps or open gyms before you will be in the system and you can skip to step #4. If you’ve never been to Laketown Gymnastics, you will need to create an account. Enter your email address and you’ll be sent a validation code. Enter that code in the box provided in the app. Follow the prompts and it will walk you through setting up your account. We suggest adding all children to your account, even if they may not be attending a class. The waiver will allow everyone in the account to attend camps, open gyms, and birthday parties.

  4. If you have attended Laketown Gymnastics but have not logged in online, please enter the email you would have used when creating your account or filling out a waiver and select “forgot password”. The system will send you a temporary password to login and create a new password.

  5. Once you’ve logged in, updated any information it may prompt you to update, you’re ready to sign up! 

Find a Class

Click the Find a Class button in the dashboard or in the register tab found at the bottom, and then select which athlete you wish to sign up! The system will bring up all classes offered, in alphabetical order. You can use the search bar to find specific classes (i.e. “tumbling tots”, “beginner”). You can also use the filters to filter by age, day and to filter out classes that are full. Once you find a class you wish to sign up for, click on that class! Once in the class screen, you should see a big blue “Enroll Now” button. Follow the prompts to finish signing that athlete up! Continue with any other enrollments you wish to complete.

Book a Party

Click the Book a Party button on the dashboard or in the register tab found at the bottom. Select the date you wish to book (open dates will be highlighted with a blue circle). The next prompt is a time slot selection, then a package selection. When entering the details of the party, please fill out how many guests you are inviting when entering the number of guests! We will call about a week out from your party to get a better idea of how many guests. Please make sure all contact information is current! The next prompt will ask for a deposit. All parties require a $50 deposit. Your party is not booked until completing this step!


Open Gym

To sign up for Open Gym (including preschool open gym), click on the respective button in the dashboard or in the register tab found at the bottom. After selecting the child you’d like to sign up, you will find a list of all our current Open Gym dates! Select the open gym you wish to sign up for and continue following the prompts. To reserve your spot, payment is required.


In the Account tab you can add another child to your account, see your current balance and transaction history, add another guardian to the account and change your password. Click on a student to see their enrollments, evaluations and attendance records!

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Download the App

Download our new parent portal app - the easiest way to look up evaluations, book parties & sign up for camps, classes and open gyms! Use "laketowngym " as the Organization Name.

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