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Ages 18 months to 6 years {Boys & Girls}

Ages 6 to 16 years {Boys & Girls}

Ages 4+ {Boys & Girls}

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Please note: our schedules are subject to change. Please log into the parent portal or stop at the front desk for the most updated schedule. Thank you!

Ages 6+ {Boys & Girls}

Our progression charts are a visual way to see what's next for your gymnast! Coaches will let you know when it's time to move up, even if it's mid-session.

Progression for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced classes will follow the progression chart, so if your gymnasts evaluations show that they passed their current level, you can follow the chart to see where they go from there! For gymnasts who pass out of Mighty Mites, Stars, Hot Shots or Super Stars, please wait until you receive the enrollment card from the coach! There are many classes these gymnasts could move into, and the coach will recommend which one fits their skills!

Our skill charts are a visual way to see what your gymanst is working on, and what they need to move up to the next level!

How to tell if your gymnast moved up! ->

Your child will bring home a progress report after the last class of the session that will tell you which class to sign up for.

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Use " laketowngym " as the "Organization Name"!

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