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Registration ends November 22nd!

Cookies with Santa may look a little different this year, but it's still the great experience you've come to know & love!

Open to the community!

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While this event may look a little different this year, we've teamed up with Santa Harv & Scott Bolster to offer a little piece of fun and normalcy to our friends & families!

Here's a glimpse what it will look like this year:

- Santa Harv will be here November 29th from 1pm to 4pm. Everyone will enter in the "dance room" door, labeled #4. From there you will follow a path that the elves laid out, leading you to Santa & his big comfy couch! You and your family can arrive anytime between 1 & 4.

- The elves are bringing Santa's mailbox and will leave it on the path, so everyone can leave their pre-written letters to Santa so he can double check his list! Santa will take those letters home to write & mail a personalized note back, as he has in years past. How fun!

- There may be a short wait for your quick visit with Santa and we will have plenty of space to stay socially distant! We do ask that kids do not play on any equipment during the event.

- Santa's leaving his chair at the North Pole this year and is bringing a comfy couch so you and your family will have a great and safe visit and photo opportunity! You will have your quick visit with Santa, Scott will take your photos and then you'll be able to head home with your cookie!

Scott Bolster with Scott Bolster Photography will be here once again, capturing those precious moments with Santa, and providing a super easy way to download your favorites (or order copies!)! Create an account with his site & receive 3 free downloads!

$7 per child {12 & under}

Gallery will be live shortly after the event. Watch our Facebook page for current updates on the gallery!

Santa Harv is back and ready to hear what you want this year! 

PLEASE NOTE: All children (12 & younger) who wish to visit with Santa need to be registered. This will also include making a letter for Santa, a letter mailed to your home from Santa & a delicious, individually wrapped cookie. All children must be registered for this event! Additional cookies may be purchased for adults (or older siblings 13 years and up) who wish to have a cookie, but adult tickets are not required! Registration is required for this event! You do not have to be a member at Laketown Gymnastics to join in on the fun! Please register online by clicking "Parent Login" or the "Sign Up Here" options on the top and bottom of the page.

Each child must be in the system to register (or they will not get time with Santa & a cookie!)

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