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Parkour Classes

Look for specific classes for ages 4 & 5, all beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are for ages 6+.
Parkour is a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing & jumping. Parkour requires consistent disciplined training with an emphasis on functional strength, physical conditioning, balance, creativity, fluidity, control, precision, spatial awareness and looking beyond the traditional use of objects. Other physical moves are often incorporated, but acrobatics or tricking alone do not constitute parkour. Parkour training focuses on safety, longevity, personal responsibility and self improvement. It discourages reckless behavior, showing off & dangerous stunts. Progression through the levels can be a slow process because it focuses on so much more than just skills alone. Your coach will let you know when it’s time to move up!
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