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Covid-19 Information Page

Safety Protocol Guidelines

Employee Guidelines:

  • Staff will follow 24 hour illness policy.

  • Staff will wash/sanitize hands at regular intervals.

  • Staff will be trained on and follow MDH guidelines on disinfecting areas used after each rotation/class.

  • Staff will follow PPE requirements set by MDH.

Building Readiness:

  • Recommended disinfected products will be continued to be used throughout the day to ensure cleanliness.

  • Doors will be propped open when weather permits, to minimize hand contact on door handles. If doors need to be closed, handles will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the building.

  • Water fountains and snack counter will be closed: students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. 

Entering the Building:

  • Please enter Laketown at Door 1. 

  • Anyone entering the building will be required to sanitize upon entering. Athletes will then be asked to sanitize before entering the practice area. 

  • Parents are welcome to drop their child(ren) off for class at Laketown. One parent is welcome to stay and watch his/her child(ren). Please remain in the main lobby and main hallway. Do not go on the the practice floor or in rooms so as not to distract the athletes and to give them plenty of space.

During Practice: 

  • Athletes should have their own backpack/cinch sack to store their items during practice.

  • Athletes will be reminded to wash/sanitize at regular intervals.

After Practice: 

  • All athletes will exit out door 4.

  • Staff will immediately sanitize all areas to get ready for the next group. 

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